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Coinstar- Coin Changing Machine

Just how thrifty are you?  Do you save your pennies in big, overflowing jars that you never get around to wrapping up and taking to the bank?  Do you balk at the high premiums coin changing machines charge to convert your change to cash?  Well, I have some fabulous news for you!  Coinstar, which has coin changing machines in grocery stores (and other locations) nationwide, has announced they now offer FREE coin changing at their machines when you have your change turned into eCertificates or Gift Cards from a variety of popular retailers!  Yee haw!  Here are Mr. Thrifty’s top picks for what to do with your spare change:

 #1 – Scrape together your pennies to taste forbidden fruit.
We all know that four dollar mochacchinos are strictly forbidden by the Thrifty Commandments!  However, if you’d like to cash an entire jar of pennies in for a cup of Joe, be my guest…Coinstar will turn your change into a Starbucks gift card.

#2 – Get some trash for your cash.
A trash can, that is…a really fancy, cool one!  Because now you can change your spare coins into gift cards from Linen and Things and Pier One Imports.  Yes, yes, we all know these places can be a little pricy, so for the love of all things thrifty, use a coupon!  Linens and Things coupons come in the mail practically every other day, so hang on to them. 

#3 – Pay a visit to the land of all things Thrifty.
As every Thrifty soul knows, www.amazon.com is practically the Thriftiest Place on Earth!  First of all, you can pretty much buy everything any under the sun at Amazon – we’re talking everything from books to clothes to household items and everything else you can imagine (really! I may be prone to exaggerate, but Amazon is quite amazing!).  Second, at the Amazon Marketplace you can buy books for practically nothing.  I have really and truly purchased brand new books for a penny plus $3.49 for shipping.  Honestly, imagine how many books you could buy when you cash in your jar of pennies for an Amazon.com eCertificate.  How exciting! 

#4 – Head to the video store.
What?  Video stores still exist?!  It’s true, not everyone is a member of NetFlix.  So how about cashing in your coins for a good old fashioned trip to Hollywood Video?  Sounds nostalgic, right?   Thrifty Caveat:  stay away from the $2 boxes of movie candy!  So not thrifty!

#5 – Get your groove on.
Come on, I know you’ve got moves.  It’s just so hard to boogie with all that change in your pocket!  Problem solved – convert your pennies into ITunes or Virgin Digital eCertificates.  Either way you’ll have access to a ridiculous number of songs to download.  Browse around, listen to some samples and fall in love with some new music - or add an old favorite to your collection.  And then boogie, oogie, oogie ‘til you just can’t boogie no more!

#6 – Do more than browse – actually buy something for a change!
Are all Thrifty Folk library nerds, or is it just me?  At any rate, your spare change will now get you the aforementioned Amazon.com eCertificate, or if you’re less of an online buyer, you might rather opt for a Borders gift card, which can be redeemed online or in store.  Because nothing really beats the experience of lingering over racks and racks of books…and actually buying something…how fun would that be?

So how do you do it?  Simply log on to http://www.coinstar.com/US/WebDocs/A1-0-3-1 to find a location near you with the products you are looking for.  Or just stick those jars into the car…you’re bound to happen upon a Coinstar machine – they are practically everywhere!  However you decide to spend your change, enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you are finally ridding your home of those overflowing jars of coins without paying an exorbitant premium to do it – and without wrestling with those annoying coin wrappers!  Hooray! 

Wow! Great tip!
Written by Guest on 2006-07-23 19:42:18
I see those coinstar machines everytime I go to the grocery store but have never used them because of the high fees. I may use them now to get an iTunes card... Thank you for the tip!
Just used a Coinstar
Written by Guest on 2006-07-27 18:26:08
I just used one of the Coinstar machines to convert 3 years worth of change into real cash. I had $120 worth of stuff. Instead of a gift card I opted for real cash which I am planning on using for a great night out with my wife.  
Highly recommend the Coinstar machines
Written by Guest on 2007-02-10 17:59:13
Amazon.com is not listed as a gift card on the coinstar website?
Written by Guest on 2007-03-16 10:49:48
I had never used these machines until I found out about the free g/c exchange about a month ago. Simplicity itself. I'll never wrap change for the bank again!!! :grin
RJ Miller
Written by Guest on 2007-07-06 12:44:48
Wonderful, I own 4 of the machines in Miaminull

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