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Thrifty Commandments
#4: Never go into debt for a depreciating asset

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Guide to eBay Buying
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Read the Entire eBay Description
Ask the eBay Seller Questions
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Use eBay Auction Sniping
Wait for the eBay Seller to
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Use a Credit Card

Mr. Thrifty Principle #8: Use a CREDIT CARD when paying via PayPal

When paying for an item won on an eBay auction, most people will use PayPal (note: be very wary of anyone wanting a cashiers check). However, if paying via PayPal, always use a credit card. PayPal claims to offer “Buyer Protection”. However, this protection is worthless. It has more holes in it than the infield of the Kansas City Royals (that is a lot). For example the buyer protection is not active if the seller does not have the PayPal logo on their listing, is only valid for certain types of items, only covers you up to $1,000 etc. etc. etc. Loop hole, loop hole, loop hole.

Mr. Thrifty also loves this language in the terms and conditions of PayPal in their dispute resolution section: “If our investigation determines that you are owed money by the seller, we will make every effort to recover funds for you.” In other words, if you are scammed on eBay, and PayPal cannot recover funds, you are out of luck.

You are MUCH better off just to pay via PayPal on your credit card rather than through your checking account. That way if anything goes wrong, you simply call your credit card company and they will reverse the charges to PayPal. Remember Mr. Thrifty’s Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules. If you have already transferred cash to PayPal from your checking account, good luck getting it back. They will use “every effort to recover funds for you.” Riiiiiiiggggghhhhhhtttt (said in the voice of the guy from “Office Space”).

Mr. Thrifty bought a computer one time about a year ago on eBay. Sure enough the seller never shipped the box to Mr. Thrifty. Mr. Thrifty emailed PayPal and received a lengthy email outlining a series of long, complicated procedures that Mr. Thrifty had to follow for PayPal to try to collect his money back. Being lazy Mr. Thrifty said forget that and simply called his credit card company and had the charges reversed. One call, problem solved.

Congratulations!  You are now ready to buy, buy buy on eBay.

Scams abound on ebay
Written by Guest on 2005-08-15 20:34:33
Ebay always talks about how they are the safe place to buy. Whatever. It seems like most of my friends and family and been scammed by someone on email. They buy something, pay for it and it never comes. Buyer beware on eSCAM
Never had problems.
Written by Guest on 2005-08-19 09:23:05
I don't know what the first person is talking about. I have never had issues when I have bought things on eBay. Now I must admit I have not tried to buy a $200 Plasma TV or something goofy like like. Everything I have bought while shopping on eBay has arrived as promised. The one time I had an issue with an item I was able to work out a quick and easy solution with the seller. Smooth. 
"The only thing that separates men from boys is the size of their toys."
Over 200 safe transactions....
Written by Guest on 2005-10-04 06:22:33
I have beeing buying stuff on eBay for over 5 years now. I have NEVER had an issue with buying stuff on ebay (or selling stuff for that matter). What it comes down to is just making sure you use common sense when you buy stuff. Not that hard. Just don't be stupid.  
"Go White Sox!"
Let the eBay buyer beware
Written by Guest on 2006-06-09 08:03:33
I just got ripped off while trying to buy something through eBay. I made the mistake of buying some software from Ben10123 who had a low rating. Now I am out $50 and no software. Ben or whoever his name is... is long gone... 
Be careful when buying from people with low ratings. 
Buying software on eBay
Written by Guest on 2006-06-22 08:27:42
I assume that the last person was trying to buy Office or some other expensive package. What are you thinking? Anything that would sell on ebay for that cheap is most likely going to be pirated. Basically you got what you deserved.

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