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Thrifty Commandments
#6:  Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish

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Guide to eBay Buying
Search on eBay several ways
Read the Entire eBay Description
Ask the eBay Seller Questions
Learn About the eBay
Do Not Buy Outside of eBay
Use eBay Auction Sniping
Wait for the eBay Seller to
Contact You
Use a Credit Card

Mr. Thrifty Principle #7: Wait for the eBay seller to contact you about payment

After you have won the eBay auction, Mr. Thrifty recommends that you wait for a confirmation email from the seller asking for payment. This is just another protection against a seller that puts up a bunch of stuff for auction and then moves to Florida. This actually saved Mr. Thrifty some cash. He won an eBay auction for some software and waited to be contacted. When the eBay seller did not email Mr. Thrifty, he pinged the eBay seller to figure out the scoop. Three emails and two weeks later Mr. Thrifty got an email from another eBay buyer saying they had sent $500 via PayPal to the seller and had not received their computer yet and wondered if Mr. Thrifty had received his software. No dice.  No money.  No problems for Mr. Thrifty.

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