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Thrifty Commandments
#5: Never carry a balance on an interest bearing credit card

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Guide to eBay Buying
Search on eBay several ways
Read the Entire eBay Description
Ask the eBay Seller Questions
Learn About the eBay
Do Not Buy Outside of eBay
Use eBay Auction Sniping
Wait for the eBay Seller to
Contact You
Use a Credit Card

Mr. Thrifty Principle #5: Don’t take the transaction off of eBay

Mr. Thrifty is a reformed man on this one. Mr. Thrifty use to view all of the dire eBay warnings “never buy something off of eBay if a seller asks” with skepticism. He thought that these were only self-serving warnings for eBay. If people took the transaction outside, eBay would not get paid.

This was Mr. Thrifty’s principle until he emailed an eBay seller about a laser printer that Mr. Thrifty had lost in bidding. The seller told Mr. Thrifty that he had another printer for sale and all Mr. Thrifty had to do was send him payment and he would get the printer to him in the mail. Five years later Mr. Thrifty is still checking his mailbox for the printer. Mr. Thrifty’s friend, Mr. Big Guy (who in secret is jealous of all of the cool stuff Mr. Thrifty buys for cheap on eBay) LOVES to remind Mr. Thrifty about the missing printer.

Mr. Thrifty is smarter now and will not make that mistake again. Oh, and by-the-way, Eric Kraus of Longview, TX ( ), Mr. Thrifty is still waiting for his printer or a $250 refund back.

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